GSU “White Student Union” has formal ties with Neo-Nazi organization, Patrick Sharp displays images of racial bigotry

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 10.09.10 PMIn the midst of the (albeit totally overhyped) recent coverage of the so-called “White Student Union” being promoted by one Patrick Sharp at Georgia State University, we did a little informal research to see if we could learn more about this young buck. We were especially interested to see if we could locate any context clues to help us determine whether, as Mr. Sharp insists, his “pride in being white,” etc., is not rooted in racial bigotry (oh heavens no!), but is simply a matter of being proud in one’s “culture.” Perhaps he’s right, as the GSU Signal has suggested, that the “time is right” for a White Student’s Union. Perhaps Patrick Sharp is just a warm, fuzzy kid with some far-out ideas that we ought to consider, right?

We saw in the recent coverage that Patrick was from Birmingham. So, we looked up “Patrick Sharp Birmingham” and came up with this facebook profile. Several context clues initially led us to believe this is probably the same Patrick Sharp associated with the White Student Union. For one, his username “psharp94″ suggests that he was born in 1994, which would make him approximately 18-19 years old today: the age of a college Freshman. Also, among his “likes” is ubiquitously listed a page for “White History Month,” which you can find here. It’s a treasure-trove of White Pride and paranoia. Our suspicions that we had the right man were confirmed when we visited the page for something called the “Traditionalist Youth Network,” which was among Patrick’s “likes.” The “Traditionalist Youths” turn out to be a group of overt Nazi sympathizers, but we’ll get there in a few minutes. Screenshot of Patrick discussing/taking credit for the GSU White Students Union is here.

So anyway, let’s click on Patrick’s “photos.” Oh, what’s this one?!



Wow! A black and white “equal” sign, with an erasure marking through it! Surely you’re not suggesting here “black and white are not equal?” Nah, no way. That’s crazy talk, right? Because your “White Student Union” isn’t about inequality or racial supremacy, right? It’s just an attempt to equal the playing field, right? (Here’s a larger photo of the screenshot showing that it’s from Patrick’s page, just so its clear I’m not making up the fact that I found it there).

new-crusadersHis “likes” also include a page called “Verum Justicia,” which appears to be devoted to the concept of a “New Crusade” (you remember, the Crusades, where European Catholics launched a military campaign to slaughter 100′s of 1000′s of Muslims and others who would not convert to Christianity?) and is covered in images of noble white knights crushing “savage” brown cultures. The page is basically one post after another of anti-Islam, anti-Barack Obama, “pro-white” propaganda.

And then there is Patrick’s affiliation with the “Traditionalist Youth Network,” a veritable modern day Hitler Youth. I was immediately struck by this image, a riff on the popular “Scumbag Steve” meme:

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 10.43.04 PM


But it gets much more sinister. The “Traditionalist Youth” page contains outright sympathy and admiration for Nazi and neo-Nazi sympathizers, such as Bishop Alois Hudal, an Austrian Bishop described as such:

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 10.49.11 PMIn his 1937 book, The Foundations of National Socialism, Hudal praised Adolf Hitler and his policies and indirectly attacked Vatican policies. After World War II, Hudal became infamous for the “ratline” he helped to establish, allowing prominent Nazi German and other European former Axis officers and political leaders, among them war criminals, to escape Allied trials and denazification.


And then, my sense of being disturbed grew far deeper upon seeing this overt endorsement of white supremacy, anti-semetism, even outright Naziism, on the “Traditionalist Youth” website (written by one “Matt H,” who also appears to be behind the TYN facebook page on which Sharp has been very active).

Non-whites do not have the rights or freedom to move into white nations. This is our home and our kith and kin. Borders matter, identity matters, blood matters, libertarians and their capitalism can move to Somalia if they want to live without rules, in the West we must have standards and enforce them. The “freedom” for other races to move freely into white nations is nonexistent. Stay in your own nations, we don’t want you here.

Jewish pornographers will no longer have the freedom to abuse and manipulate our women into selling their purity on camera. No one has a right to abuse women or devalue them as simple sex objects. Pornography and smut shops will be shuttered, for the betterment of the folk and our nation.

Those who promote miscegenation, usury, or any other forms of racial suicide should be sent to re-education centers, not tolerated.

In conclusion, American democracy and freedom is the enemy of anyone who wants to promote our Faith, our Folk, and our Fatherland. Throw freedom out the window and turn towards your people. Voting, democracy, capitalism, communism, “freedom”, are nothing but globalist and Jewish tools in the modern era to deny your children of their inheritance. I say stop playing the enemy’s game, time for something new.

Whether you are a Christian authoritarian like myself, a Constitutionalist, a fascist, a National Socialist, or whatever stripe of white Traditionalist, just acknowledge that it is time to throw off the shackles of the poisoned American mindset, time for a new unity within our folk and new ideas for a new age.

Wowza. I feel like I’m at a Klan rally reading this shit. It’s worth noting that the Matthew Heimbach, who wrote the excerpt above, is the same Matthew Heimbach that formed the White Student Union at Towson University, after which many have speculated that Sharp’s WSU is modeled.

Sharp’s ties to the “Traditionalist Youth Network” appear to be more than just the fact that he “likes” their facebook page. Shockingly, GSU’s White Student Union is listed as a “Chapter” of the Traditionalist Youth Network (screenshot). And, wouldn’t you just know it, Sharp’s WSU lists the Traditionalist Youth Network as a “sister organization” (screenshot). So, Sharp’s innocent little organization has direct formal ties with an organization whose founder publicly espouses the most flagrant, vile White Supremacist views possible. There you have it.

So, while my initial impulse was to say that Mr. Sharp is just some dumb kid trying to get attention, I’m led upon further investigation to believe that what he is promoting is rooted in something truly evil, truly sinister. We shouldn’t be laughing at him. We should be confronting him head on and denouncing his primitive, hateful beliefs. It’s time to call a spade a spade. Mr. Sharp brings shame upon all Georgians, all Southerners, all white people for that matter. There’s no room for your kind in a civilized society.

Patrick, if you’re going to be a White Supremacist, be a White Supremacist. Defend your position for what it is. Stop hiding behind all this bullshit about cultural pride and just wanting to equal the playing field with Black student groups. And if you’re so brain-damaged to think that neo-Nazi groups have something useful to offer GSU, America, or any civilized society whatsoever, perhaps you ought to think about crawling permanently into your mother’s basement, where you can surround yourself with your Neo-Nazi relics and live in your own fantasy world in which “whites” rule supreme, and just because they’re white, without reference to their personal merits. Because you, sir, are truly deficient in character and in merit, and will never survive in a world in which this type of bullshit is (rightly) not tolerated. You’re useless to us, and only get in the way of decent people trying to live decent lives.

More screenshots:

Patrick Sharp and White Supremacist Matthew Heimbach giving each other on-line reacharounds on facebook.

Patrick Sharp and White Supremacist Matthew Heimbach giving each other on-line reacharounds on facebook.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.49.46 PM

Sharp’s GSU WSU page listing White Supremacist “Traditionalist Youth Network” as a “Sister Organization”

The "Traditionalist Youth Network" website listing the GSU WSU as a "Chapter."

The “Traditionalist Youth Network” website listing the GSU WSU as a “Chapter.”

Screengrab from Sharp's facebook page, showing the "anti-black-white equality" sign displayed as one of his photos.

Screengrab from Sharp’s facebook page, showing the “anti-black-white equality” sign displayed as one of his photos.


le biscuette

le biscuette was born in the small town of Elba, Alabama, where her family managed the now-defunct "Bargain Town" retail franchise. Her family fled Elba to Dothan, Alabama in 1990 after the famous Elba Flood. She moved to Atlanta is 2003, where she currently serves as a hobbyist blogger and an advocate for the morbidly obese. You can learn more about the Elba Flood here


  12 comments for “GSU “White Student Union” has formal ties with Neo-Nazi organization, Patrick Sharp displays images of racial bigotry

  1. August 1, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    The official website for the GSU WSU actually has the traditionalist youth network in the link directory, so it’s not just a connection to the founder, but the actual group as well.

  2. August 1, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    join the facebook page and oppose the white student union!

  3. Chelsea
    August 1, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    I think you’re wrong about the not-equal sign. I think its in reference to the LGBT right to marry equal signs that everyone was posting as their facebook profile pictures. Which is still very messed up. It just shows that he’s a bigoted asshole in more than one way.

    • le biscuette
      August 1, 2013 at 9:28 pm

      Yeah but the LGBT equality sign was either red and white or blue and yellow. This one is modified to be black and white. And given this guys obsession with race and whiteness, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that he intends it to refer to racial inequality.

      • August 1, 2013 at 10:21 pm

        Maybe, but if you look at the date it was posted, that’s the date the Supreme Court was hearing arguments in the Prop 8 case. That hardly seems like a coincidence.

        • leemitchell
          August 3, 2013 at 1:31 pm

          Would it really surprise anyone if it were both?

          He’s against gay marriage AND a racist.

  4. August 1, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Cool story bro.

  5. JJ
    August 2, 2013 at 12:14 am

    As a GSU alum and former staff member of the Signal, I would like to point out that the Signal DID NOT suggest that it is the “right time” for a White Student Organization. The article you linked to is a two-sided opinion piece, and you didn’t even mention that it included a rebuttal. Opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff. In fact, some of them are written by people not on staff. Might seem like I am picking nits, but the details are important when reporting accurately

    • P
      August 3, 2013 at 12:22 pm

      You’re talking about the point-counterpoint thing, right? The “rebuttal” was just a guy nattering about how Trayvon Martin deserved to die. He sort of tacked on an argument against a White Student Union at the end. Both of the arguments were hilariously racist. Like it or not, the Signal is responsible for publishing them.

  6. Baron
    August 2, 2013 at 12:30 am

    He is handsome, though.

  7. August 5, 2013 at 2:41 am

    From the essay, in parens: “…you remember, the Crusades, where European Catholics launched a military campaign to slaughter 100′s of 1000′s of Muslims and others who would not convert to Christianity?”

    Now /that/ was good for a laugh.

    Revisionism at it’s finest!

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