It’s crazy down South: James and Whitney Mongiat

JWMongiatThis is the flowery face of the “viral video wife,” Whitney Mongiat who made headlines earlier in the week when her husband posted a video of her exceptional meltdown in the car.

The couple from Tennessee had been married nearly 15 months when the video was uploaded by James Mongiat with a cautionary tale of “[this] is not the first time this has happened.”

Within a week of the video’s viral round-making, Whitney filed for divorce, claiming that James “bullied” her and exacerbated the situation that he filmed.

It’s not surprising, really. Both her tantrum and her husband’s apparent lack of discretion are questionable. Perhaps they were just a ticking time bomb?

But really, we have to wonder if James’ claim that Whitney’s explosive behavior as a regularity is really true, or if he’s just a vindictive brat. Doesn’t matter now. They’re just another example of why everyone should be allowed to get married, and some should probably get divorced.

Check out the Viral Video Wife on YouTube.

Morgan Mornet

Morgan is a magna cum laude graduate of Georgia State University's journalism program with a focus on public relations and a minor in English. Good thing she also decided to take lots of news and media writing electives along with a study abroad trip to Istanbul, Turkey that focused on media, business and journalism in a global context because it turns out she loves reading news, advocating for progressive civil rights and then telling other people about it. She covers "hard" local and associated news stories in the South for Biscuette, freelances and assists with media analysis and relations at an Atlanta-based international non-profit. 

  2 comments for “It’s crazy down South: James and Whitney Mongiat

  1. John Doe
    July 26, 2013 at 10:31 am

    After watching the video, she did not seem very bullied into screaming she wanted to go to the lake. I can not see how anyone could be bullied into over reacting like that.

  2. David
    August 5, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Did she say her car has an inter-lock? Isn’t that what they put on the cars of people who have received DUI/DWI tickets? I don’t think ANYTHING can justify the way she behaved. Even if she was on her monthly cycle, what she did was beyond unreasonable. I saw an article by an attorney who claimed that the husband knew the video would go viral. I say that if that is the case, then the husband should know the up-coming lottery numbers as well. I really don’t think the husband knew the video would go viral. I think he just wanted to show a few people what he was going through and it went way beyond just a few people. What the husband did seem to know, however, is that his wife would be throwing a tantrum again.

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