Communist nation shows solidarity in blindness towards satire and inability to evaluate sexiness

My health has been on a steady decline since Thanksgiving.  I have deduced that one of the ball-o-germ toddlers has succeeded in her diabolical plan of getting me sick.  I officially have a cold/flu/strep illness that has sucked most of the joy out of life.

In these times of desperate illness, it is difficult to smile; however China succeeded in making me do just that yesterday.  See what happened was that The Onion named Kim Jong-Un The Sexiest Man Alive.   And then China’s People’s Daily Online, a state-run newspaper, totally ran with it in a fit of communist collusion as if it was serious and not satirical.

It was a faithfully accurate report of The Onion article, though the People’s Daily included A LOT more photos of our dear leader’s progeny– like 65 photos! (I was interested to learn that Kim Jong-Un got married to a woman “who had accompanied him to an amusement park” (as if this is an adequate description of this person– that she accompanies dictators to amusement parks)).  A New York Times Blog notices this hilarity and posted about it.

Unfortunately, today it appears that the People’s Daily has been let in on the joke, as the link to the article no longer works, and therefore you are all robbed of your opportunity to browse 65 photos of Kim Jong-Un looking about as sexy as you might think, which is not sexy at all. Fear not dear readers who like to look at dear leaders, I am here to save the day; behold: Kim Jong-Un looking at things.

“I’m too sexy for these socks.”

In other exciting news, around the world, Jelly Fish might be immortal (I’m not sure because this article is really long, and I only skimmed the first page).




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  1. Shannon
    November 28, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Socks for little girls? Whaaaaaa?

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