The ladies’ room in my office is now a crime scene

I saw this posted in the bathroom on the hand-dryer, and I think it pretty succinctly sums up why my Assistant and I are soulmates:

Age: Less than one week Weight: ~ 8 oz.


Incidentally, this is also why the letter I asked to get sent out this afternoon did not.  I especially like how she opted for the color copier, which as a throwback to my public defender days and my nonprofit proclivities, I only save for special paid-for-by-client business occasions.

As a little bit of context, a vendor of ours comes by once every few months and delivers approximately 12 different “fancy” soaps in the ladies’ room, and we open and use them all simultaneously and discuss which are our favorites and which “definitely do not smell like “Paris amour.”  I hadn’t even noticed that any were missing, which I mentioned to my Assistant in high-fiving her poster-making abilities.  I’m fairly certain my offhand comment just placed me high on the suspect list because she was all like “How could you possibly not noticed these two were missing?!  They were right between Dancing Waters and Cilantro Peach and were by far the best smelling.” 

I then asked whether the fact that the reward’s acronym was the same as for the Social Security Administration was intentional– like a comment that if you’re stealing soap from the ladies’ room, you should probably be on social security.  But this was met with an eye roll and my Assistant’s departure from my office, so I’m assuming that’s a no.  If you have any hot tip on this insidious crime, please post it in the comments.


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