Daytona nights sure make you dance.

I somehow made it home from Daytona without an airbrushed t-shirt, thus adding yet another regret to my long list of life opportunities that I have squandered.  I had even planned it out!  It was going to depict the bride and groom’s faces in caricature with my face smiling next to them with the ocean in the background, and a sun inexplicably setting over the Atlantic.  Then towards the bottom, it was to say the bride and groom’s name in pink with a “4-EVA” in purple then three exclamation points, followed by the number “1,” then two more exclamation points.

Just writing out a narrative explanation of this t-shirt design again (I had already made a sketch on my Idevice) makes me rue the day I decided to follow a White Russian with a 3rd gin & tonic before switching to beer then back to liquor, thus rendering me incapacitated for the rest of the weekend and unable to do important things like procure an airbrushed t-shirt! Here is my Idevice sketch, though in actuality it would have a lot more detail and reference to the geographical location (Daytona! aka Funtona aka Nightona (when it’s dark)).

Because nothing says eternal love like airbrushed art and comic sans.

There might be a ray of hope though.  I just plugged “airbrushed t-shirt” into my google machine, and it appears that one may be able to commission a customized airbrushed t-shirt via the internets.  I think the appropriate next step of this process is to put my trust in a website called “zazzle.”  Wish me luck.

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