Alien Lanes

I was just working this morning–minding my own business–when I decided to look out the window to focus on something far away in furtherance of eye health.  That’s when I saw something scary, let out a little yelp, and immediately thought we were all doomed for the alien apocalypse.  In order to better illustrate my fear, anxiety, and reasonable conclusion that the end of the world is nigh, I attach Exhibit “A”:

"Hello, earthling. I am here to eat your brains."

It is a huge bug with genetically built-in body armor.  I then spent .3 hours attempting to photograph the little fucker, but my Idevice was also scared of this thing to the point of denial and refused to focus on it:

Whoa, that looks scary-- let's focus on the pretty sky and/or the Equitable building in the distance.

From what I can tell, this thing is just scaling the building by foot.  Like a mountain-climber on a nice spring day climb or an alien on a reconnaissance mission.  He has now past my window, but the damage is done.  My heart is beating faster.  I’m humming Guided by Voices.  My day is shot.  I need a haircut.  And a vacation.

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