Goshen, Alabama School Bus Wrecks, 21 Hospitalized

Image via TroyMessenger.com

Believe it our not, there’s a whole mess of Atlantans who hail from the Troy, Alabama, area. Near Troy is the rural community of Goshen. As the Troy Messenger reports today, a Goshen school bus wrecked this morning, flipping over completely at least once, as a result of bad road conditions. We’re talking a large, awkward, bus traveling in the rain on what is likely a narrow, poorly upkept rural road, so it’s not surprising that an accident like this would happen.

According to the Messenger, there were several injuries but, Thank God, no fatalities. This is a miracle, given that the bus likely did not have seatbelts (unless something’s changed since I was a kid). 21 kids were sent to the hospital. 41 children were traveling on the bus. As small as Goshen is, an accident like this, had it been worse, could have wiped out an entire generation.


le biscuette

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